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Mysteries at Sea collects and preserves folklore and legends about life on the sea. Our content results from original research of historical resources, modern day reports, and personal interviews.

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Mysteries at Sea is part of the Hoover's History-Tainment Network which includes Hauntingly USA, Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™, and Prose 'n Cons™ Mystery & True Crime News.

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Stephanie Hoover is an established, traditionally published author and freelance journalist. Her books are available from the publisher, History Press/Arcadia, or any major book retailer.

Look for These Great Stories Coming Soon!

Corpse Candles - Coming Soon!

It is said that bright lights mark the places where sailors drowned. And, they're still seen today.

Phantom Ships - Coming Soon!

Everyone from captains to beachcombers has reported phantom ships. We catalog the most famous reports.

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